Fall Conference 2016 - Boise, Idaho

Fall Conference Speaker Information

Sheli G’s Strengthsfinders Tips:

Gallup strengths finders link. It's truly powerful... It is $15 for your top 5 strengths to be unlocked.  

Click here to visit the website

If you have the $89, get all your 34 Strengths in order, it’s helpful and super interesting if you can. If not, that is totally cool too!!! :) You can do it later.

  • Take the assessment when you can be alone or everyone can leave you alone!
  • Leave yourself plenty of time so it’s no stress
  • Breath. They are ALL GOOD gifts/strengths. This is not a pass or fail gig.
  • It’s a test where you choose the most correct answer for YOU, in the moment. Both answers may be right! But choose the most right one, for YOU, in that moment. That’s all. Don’t choose the one you think you should choose. Or the one you wish was you.  Be aware, and be truthful. Or- it won’t be accurate to you. Don’t choose how it used to be, or how you project it may be in the future. Choose in the current moment, the very moment you are taking the assessment. Trust the process. Trust yourself.
  • If it’s been a long time since you have taken it, retake it. No problem.
  • EMAIL your top 5 to me: sheligcoaching@gmail.com
  • Website:   http://www.shelig.com/

Jeff Anderson - Lean Construction

View his PowerPoint presentation by clicking HERE