Scam Targeting High School Kids

Chambers Construction is one of our member firms and a great supported of our NAWIC activities.

From Deborah K. Creager, CCIFP, Vice President/CFO - CHAMBERS CONSTRUCTION:

"We have recently learned that someone is targeting high school kids using our name and specifically referring to our apprenticeship program.  They are asking for banking information and promising a $20,000 signing bonus to enter the program.  We contacted the authorities who are looking into the matter and asked us to put out a press release to local authorities in Oregon – Eugene to Portland – to warn people of the scam.  We did that last night.  It’s up to the authorities to decide how they will handle it.  We wanted to make you aware in case you heard the announcement.

This has nothing to do with our apprenticeship program – it is still running as intended.  Unfortunately we are the victim of cyber-crime and fraud.

If you have questions, or are questioned by anyone outside the company, feel free to call Dave Bakke or myself and to have the concerned individual to call us as well." 

Contact information on their website